Student Advisory Committee

2020-2021 Overview


SAC is the Student Advisory Committee of IEEE responsible for helping students with professional development, receiving academic advising, and being involved in student programs and benefits throughout each semester.

In a regular semester, the SAC offers four main events:

  1. Career Fair Boot Camp
  2. Student Advisory Week
  3. Networking Events
  4. Workshops and Company Tours

Due to COVID-19, our In-Person events are currently limited. However, we are taking this time to offer more Virtual Events in place of this.This year, the SAC will be adding a few additional leadership workshops such as the Cullen Project Clash. A new event focusing on introducing students to the opportunity of multi-disciplinary projects and learning how to work with multiple types of engineers.

All of these events are opportunities for networking, building a professional profile, and learning new skills.
Stay inspired and stay learning with the SAC!


The Advisory Week: 

A 3-4 day event that introduces students to the six concentrations offered by the ECE Department and other opportunities to help you grow here at UH. We have a diverse number of presenters such as company representatives, faculty, and even your fellow upperclassmen! Come be inspired by great stories and past experiences that will help you make a better choice of concentration.

Career Fair Boot Camp: 

This event is specifically designed to prepare students each semester’s Career Fair with Resume Critiques, Mock Interviews, Elevator Speech Practice and Linkedin Workshops. Company representatives and SAC members volunteer to offer their best advice for each student to shine during the Career Fair and improve their professional development skills.

Company Tours:

Company Tours are organized to introduce students to different industries. We regularly organize two per semester; due to COVID-19, few In Person events are allowed in this manner. Look forward to this in the coming semesters and possibly other opportunities we have to offer!

Networking Events and Workshops:

  • Alumni Stories: A great opportunity to get advice and learn on Career and College paths and experiences.
  • Keysight Workshop: An oscilloscope training session with a Keysight engineer.
  • Cullen Project Clash: A new type of event that focuses on showing students the opportunity to do multi-disciplinary projects.
  • And keep on the look out for more new events!

You can always be a part of the SAC professional growth by sharing your opinions, concerns and suggestions about our events and the Electrical engineering curriculum. The SAC Team wishes the best of luck for this school year. We will hopefully see you soon!

Do not hesitate to contact us at: or

Collin Rogers
Student Advisory Committee Director