Before reading…

I gathered all of this from reading the instructions on the Pololu page and contacting the technical support from Atmel and Pololu.

This is what I put together for Windows, so if you are using a Mac or Linux, then you might want to see the instructions on that. Though they might be similar so if you’re having confusion then you might want to check on here as well.

The instructions can be accessed from this web address:

Of course I don’t go through all of the steps, as the instructions do that…but I do go into more detail in the areas that I was confused about or I feel there should have been more explaining.

Make sure to understand how to handle the 3pi as well.

If you are still confused or there is something lacking from this or the instructions, then contact Pololu technical support.

How to turn it on

There are small buttons near the wheels. One of them should say “Power”. Hit this button to turn it on, provided there are batteries.

The 3pi does not need to be powered on all the time. I think some steps require it to be powered.


How to download the software

Go to the documents page of the Pololu website (link HERE) and click on “Programming in Windows with Atmel Studio 6.  Follow the instructions by downloading Atmel Studio first the “Pololu AVR Development Bundle”. Be sure to do it in this order to simplify the process

*You may want to just download and update Atmel Studio before you download the Development Bundle.
*It takes a while to download the programs.
*It is recommended to update to the most recent version of Atmel available. To do this, click on the “Help” toolbar and click “Check for Updates”. A new pop-up appears. Click the button and you’re at a homepage. Scroll down the page and look for the newest Atmel Studio and select the folder to download it. Click on the image of the disk on the left to begin downloading.


*To my understanding, it’s not required to download AVRDUDE to begin programming. You can use Atmel Studio for this.
*By typing “975” into the search on the Pololu page, it redirects you to a page, click the first link to direct you to a page for the 3pi. Scrolling down, you should see some bars, click on “Resources”, then click on “Pololu 3pi Robot User’s Guide”.

*To open up examples for viewing, open Atmel Studio. Click the “File” tab. Click “Open” then click “File”. After that, navigate to where your “libpololu-avr” file is located and open that. Open the “examples” file. Click atmega328p. Choose any of the files to open. Once you do that, there should be a file named “C test”. Click that c source file to open the examples in Atmel Studio.

*To compile and build a solution, hit F7. Once everything is done, hit F5. Once all that is done, then the solution should be on the 3pi.

Other Stuff

The Pololu site has a variety of stuff that you can search and read on for the 3pi. Such as the forums section and the resource tab for the 3pi.

Try youtube as a source as well…