Makerspace seeks to give students of all majors a place to get hands on experience with electronics.

A robotics competition using new skills to complete a goal. Teaches students the basics of circuitry and programming.

Makers Showcase
A fun – filled electronics carnival with games and projects created by students for students. .


The Robotics Team is a group of students and faculty who aim to develop their knowledge with real robotics experience.

VEX Robotics
Develop and design robots and work competitively on a team against other universities using C++ Programming

3Pi Robotics
Learn how to program effectively using C++ and improve your skills by writing control software with a team of experienced students.

Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) consists of IEEE members that advocate student feedback to the UH Engineering Departments.

SAC Professional Development
Career Fair Boot Camp, Mock Interviews, Resume Critique, Advisory Week, Company Tours, Networking Events, and much more!

YOU Have a Say!
By joining IEEE’s SAC, you can have a direct impact on your education at UH with access and connections to the engineering department.