Fall 2016 General Meetings

This semester,  we will be having 5 general meeting dates!

Each meeting will be provided with food!

The room location will be either be at W205 or W122. You will be informed of exact locations as the dates approach.

The dates are: Sept 7th, Sept 28th, Oct 19th, Nov 9th, and Nov 30th.

We’ll see you there!

-IEEE UH Branch


Getting Started with IEEE-UH

First, let me begin by welcoming you to IEEE UH, we are extremely excited to have you become a part of our community. You can also view our brochure here.

In this post, you will learn the basics of what IEEE UH has to offer.

Becoming A Member

In order to gain access to IEEE benefits, you must become a paid member. You do not have to be a paid national member, but it is extremely encouraged and it can give you access to even more benefits.

Getting Involved

There are hundreds of different ways to get involved with IEEE from the local to national level. We generally try to post upcoming events in the IEEE Calendar and the News and Announcements Page. Appearing at these events helps get you recognized within the organization and are key in obtaining a leadership position down the road. We cannot encourage you enough to come out to IEEE events to help support your university and organization.

Academic Excellence 

Here at IEEE UH, we are continually looking for ways to improve our members’ academic performance. Over the years, we have compiled a database of dozens of old exams. Having access to old exams can prove invaluable to students in those corresponding courses. We are currently working on making our database available to you through our website. Therefore, if you want to get access to old exams (which, you should) then you will need to email or speak to one of our officers. We recommend coming to the lounge to get acquainted with your peers and officers.

This guide will continually be added to in the future. But for now, that is all the advice we have for getting started with IEEE. This is a great organization that is dedicated to helping you succeed here at the University of Houston and beyond.

Thank You.

-Ike Onyearugha, IT Officer/Webmaster

Credits: Alexander Bello, IT Officer (2014)