Want to be a part of the IEEE family? Follow these three easy steps to become an official member of IEEE at the University of Houston!

Step 1: Fill out the Membership Application

Step 2: Become a National IEEE Member

Pay in one of the following ways:

Cash: Pay dues to any officer in the IEEE Student Lounge (N367, Engineering Building 1)
Venmo: Payment to ieee.uh.treasurer@gmail.com and comment “IEEE Membership Dues [Name and PS#]”
PayPal: Payment to ieee.uh.paypal@gmail.com and comment “IEEE Membership Dues [Name and PS#]”

Local membership is $20 per year

Perks of being an IEEE-UH member:

  • Access to the IEEE student lounge in N367 Engineering Building 1 while there is an officer present.
  • Free IEEE shirt

National student fees: $32 per year ($16 for a semester)

If you apply for a national membership, go to http://www.ieee.org.

National members get Local membership discounted to $10 per year. Note, you must pay for national membership through the official IEEE website and obtain your National ID # as proof of national membership.

Perks of being an IEEE National Student Member

  • Card access to the IEEE student lounge in N367 Engineering Building 1
  • IEEE gold pin
  • Free IEEE shirt
  • Eligible to attend IEEE National Conferences.

(For graduating seniors) Eligible to purchase IEEE graduation stole.

Step 3: Talk to an Officer and Visit our Lounge

  • Find an officer.
  • Ask for your shirt.
  • And make small talk.  
  • This is not a completely necessary step but we would love to get to know you

We love to see the new and fresh faces of IEEE! Come by the IEEE Member Lounge located on the third floor of Engineering Building 1. Check out the room and get comfortable with your peers!